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After successfully navigating the world of the high-stress office environment, I found the occasion to consider what I really wanted to do. I decided to follow my dreams, and I began a business in graphic design that would allow me to keep my independence and put my creative bent to work. For nearly two decades, I dealt with the higher levels of administrative and office management in companies both large and small, learning in the process what was necessary to promote businesses and services. That experience coupled with strong people skills yielded an understanding of what people wanted to see in a promotional piece, and that led to Creative Concepts. My work in photography has reforced my graphic design while also allowing me to do something that gives me time away from my office, and with the wonderful support from the people at, I have been able to improve the composition and quality of my photos. I still have a lot to learn, but that is just part of the fun! I work with a Canon T2i camera and have two Papillons who are my favorite subject matter! I am an animal lover as you will see by my gallery.

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I am constantly amazed a the wonder of nature and I marvel at its creation. Photography allows me to capture some of the beauty of this wonderful country in which we live. The diversity of plants and creatures that inhabit it never ceases to amaze me. My love of nature keeps me well grounded and also helps me in my graphic design business, as many of my photos are used as the basis for my vectors. If you have any questions concerning my photographs, please feel free to contact me at